smartURL Premium Services Terms of Use

This Agreement governs your use of the Gupta Media, LLC’s smartURL Premium Services (the “Premium Services”). Your use of the Premium Services is also subject to Gupta Media’s general Terms of Use, available here, which are incorporated by reference into the terms of the this Agreement.

1. Description of Premium Services

The smartURL Service allows Users to configure uniform resource locators (URLs) to redirect internet traffic to customized designations based upon predefined triggers, for example, the type of device from which the traffic originates or the geographic location (as determined by Internet Protocol (IP) address) of the internet user who clicks the URL. The Service also allows Users to monitor, view, and share performance statistics for smartURLs created and/or managed by the User.

The Premium Services include the following features that allow the User to participate in an Apple, Inc. Apple Music / iTunes affiliate marketing program:

  • Apple Music / iTunes Auto Expand with Affiliatization which creates a global smartURL links to country-specific Apple Music / iTunes products using client affiliate credentials.
  • Scheduled Rescan which includes monitoring and management of specific client products available in the Apple Music / iTunes store to expand the client’s smartURL as the product becomes available in additional iTunes music stores.

The Premium Services may also include link monitoring/management to identify links that no longer redirect to existing products and enhanced tracking tools for use across affiliate platforms.

2. Affiliate Compensation

Users who subscribe to smartURL’s Premium Services agree to participate in the Apple Music / iTunes affiliate marketing program as a client of Gupta Media. The iTunes affiliate marketing program provides commission payments for qualifying purchases made in the iTunes store after a purchaser uses an affiliatized link.

Premium Services clients will have no direct relationship with the Apple Music / iTunes affiliate partners.

Any affiliate fees generated with respect to the client’s Apple Music / iTunes products will be paid to Gupta Media. Gupta Media will remit affiliate fees to its clients after deducting Gupta Media’s service costs. The affiliate fees (minus service costs) will be paid to Premium Service clients within 15 days of receipt of the affiliate fees from the iTunes affiliate partner. Gupta Media reserves the right to modify the affiliate compensation model if the terms of Gupta Media’s agreement with iTunes affiliate partners change.

3. Use of Third-Party Sites and Linked Content

Users acknowledge that Gupta Media is not responsible for the availability of, or the content located on or through, any third-party site or service such as the Apple Music / iTunes store. Use of third-party sites or services is subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of each site, and we are not responsible therein. Gupta Media encourages all Users to review terms of use and privacy policies of third-parties sites and services. Gupta Media shall not be liable to a User or any third party should for any modifications, interruptions, outages, downtimes or disruptions to the Service or Sites or for any inactive or misdirected links that may occur through use of the Service.

Users acknowledge that Gupta Media is not responsible for the actions or inaction of the Apple Music / iTunes affiliate partners or of Apple, Inc. The payment of any and all affiliate fees are subject to the iTunes affiliate agreement and no affiliate revenue will be paid to Users unless and until Gupta Media receives such affiliate revenue from the affiliate partners. Gupta Media is not responsible for any disputes or complaints User may have with respect to the calculation or qualification for affiliate fees. Gupta Media may pass along any User complaints to the affiliate partners, but has no obligation to do so.

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