smartURL Features
Smarter, Not Shorter, URLs
smartURL is designed to help simplify the process of marketing online. Our goal is not just to make shorter URLs, but to create a platform that enables smarter marketing.
Geo-Aware Links
smartURL is designed to help anyone to quickly and easily manage global traffic. A smartURL can be configured to redirect traffic to the most appropriate destination on a country-by-country basis. By moving the "geo-logic" to the link layer, users are freed of technical hassles associated with global traffic management.
Live Redirects
smartURL admins can change where traffic is being directed quickly and easily.
Collaborative Management
Invite others to view and edit your smartURL's definition and view its performance statistics.
Cloud-Powered Performance and Uptime
smartURL is hosted on Amazon's EC2 "cloud" and has been tested to 2,000 decodes per second. Our scalable architecture is designed to maximize decode performance and uptime.
Real-Time Stats
smartURL provides integrated reporting for each smartURL. You can view performance information by day, country, referrer and IQid, a custom parameter designed to help you understand what channels are most effective.
Simpler performance tracking (IQid)
smartURL has a custom ID that allows you to track performance from each of your channels accurately and easily. By using an IQid on your smartURL, you can create one smartURL, use it in various places, and see how each of those channels performs. This smart feature eliminates the need to create dozens of smartURLs to track performance.
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