What does it mean to archive a smartURL?
Archived smartURLs are simply removed from your list, to reduce clutter. For people clicking on a smartURL, it makes no difference whether it is archived -- the smartURL will take them to their destination regardless.
How does smartURL detect the user's location?
smartURL uses a geo-location database, provided by a commercial vendor, to translate the user's IP address into a location. It's over 99.5% accurate at the country level, which is all that we currently offer with smartURL.
How does smartURL detect the user's device type?
smartURL inspects the device's user agent to determine the type of device.
How often are smartURL statistics updated?
Statistics are updated once an hour. A click usually takes from 1 to 3 hours to show up in the statistics.
What does "unknown" mean for referring domain in the statistics?
Normally the referring domain is taken from the web page that a smartURL was on when the user clicked it. There are various circumstances when a smartURL is not clicked from any web page, and therefore there is no referring domain, including:
  • - email
  • - IM
  • - some mobile apps
How does smartURL make money?
smartURL's primary revenue comes from affiliate links. If a URL within a smartURL links to a storefront, and that URL has not been affiliatized by the user creating the smartURL, then we may tag that link with smartURL's own affiliate code. This enables us to take a small percentage of the revenue generated when a user clicks on a smartURL and purchases a product.
Why should I verify my email address?
Certain features of smartURL are only available to trusted users. Verifying your email address is one step in building trust.
What else can I do to build trust?
We''ll let you know.
What is smartTab?
smartTab is an easy way to add localized iTunes-powered storefronts directly into an artist's Facebook Page. Building a smartTab is simple: all you need is a smartURL, 6 colors and a header image.
Does smartTab use the affiliate links (if any) contained in its smartURL?
No, smartTab uses its own affiliate codes. A premium version of smartTab that will maintain the smartURL's affiliate links is coming soon.
Does a page view for a smartTab show up in the click statistics for the underlying smartURL?
No, page views do not count as smartURL clicks in the statistics.
If I don't see my question answered here, how can I get in touch?
Send us an email at help at smartURL.it