smartURL redirects users to specific destinations based on their country or device. After entering a default URL, users are able to specify to which country and device-specific URLs they want to direct their traffic. smartURL is the most popular type and the one that we recommend using for most campaigns.

For situations when users need deeper control, Flex smartURLs can be configured with device-specific redirects at the country level. For example, if a user wanted to send Android traffic to Amazon in the US and to Google Play in Canada, Flex smartURL could be configured to handle these conditions.

The Pivot smartURL creates a landing page where all users can choose their preferred retailer. This landing page can be customized with links to any retail or streaming providers. Pivot smartURLs automatically hide any retailers that are unavailable in a specific country or device.The customizable landing page features a product image, Spotify audio player, custom branding, and retailers specific to company and country.

Check out a sample landing page

The Events smartURL is designed for promoting live events. For users managing a touring campaign, Events smartURLs can be configured to redirect traffic to the right ticketing page based on their location. When there are no available shows nearby, traffic will be sent to a landing page listing all available locations on the tour. Add and update event listings as tour plans change.

Check out a sample touring page

All smartURL types include

smartURL is designed to help anyone to quickly and easily manage global traffic. A smartURL can be configured to redirect traffic to the most appropriate destination on a country-by-country basis. By moving the "geo-logic" to the link layer, users are freed of technical hassles associated with global traffic management.
Device Aware
Route users to the right destination based on their device type.
Live Redirects
Send every user to the right place based on the device, operating system, and location they are in at that moment.
Apple Music / iTunes and Amazon Auto-expand, Rescans, and Scheduled Rescans
Add an Apple Music, iTunes or Amazon link and smartURL will auto-expand to include the correct link for every country where the product is available. Rescan any iTunes or Amazon link to find new countries where your product has become available. Schedule rescans for smartURL to automatically add new countries to your link at a specified date and time.
Apple Music / iTunes Store Specific
iOS and desktop users are routed to their country-specific Apple Music / iTunes storefront.
In-Link Retargeting
Create retargeting audiences of users who click your smartURLs for use on Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter and more.
Google Dynamic Retargeting (Enterprise Only)
Google dynamic retargeting allows users to make custom retargeting lists and buckets. For instance, there will be an artist list, so every smartURL for a given artist will go into the bucket. Additional lists can be created for album, song, genre and release phase. When an Apple Music / iTunes link is put in as the default link, all fields will be automatically entered, without any extra work to set it up from the creator.
Google Analytics Tracking
By adding a Google Analytics UA number, all data from the smartURL will flow directly into your Google Analytics account. This allows you to gain all the insights of Google Analytics, based on the traffic of a smartURL, including real time data.
Affiliate Account Integration (Enterprise Only)
Enterprise companies are able to enter affiliate information for Apple Music / iTunes and Google Play. Once this is set up, without needing to append any links, smartURL will automatically put in affiliate tracking upon click.
Ability to Archive Links
Streamline your smartURL dashboard by archiving old and abandoned links.
Custom Domains & Vanity URLs
Get all the benefits of smartURL while using your own domain. Custom domains are free (excluding the cost of buying your domain). Contact our engineering team to have your Enterprise account whitelisted to use your own domain.
Link Diagnostics
Add a * to the End of any smartURL to quickly view location, device, and retargeting information about your URL.

Manage your smartURLs with ease

  • Collaborative Management - Grant access others to edit your smartURLs and view performance statistics.
  • Auto-add Users (Enterprise Only) - Allows a user to create a list of other users that will automatically be granted access to new smartURLs that they create.
  • Simpler Performance Tracking (IQid) - smartURL has a custom ID that allows you to track performance from each of your channels accurately and easily. By using an IQid on your smartURL, you can create one smartURL, use it in various places, and see how each of those channels performs. This smart feature eliminates the need to create dozens of smartURLs to track performance.
  • Google Analytics URL builder - Easily add customized Google Analytics tagging to your smartURL in order to capture important reporting data.
  • Real Time Stats - View integrated reporting for each of your smartURLs. You can see performance information by day, country, device, referrer and IQid, a custom parameter designed to help you understand what channels are most effective.
  • EV2 Conversions (Enterprise Only) - View iTunes conversions by product for your smartURL based on PHG affiliate tracking. Data will show for sales of related products to the smartURL as well as other products purchased.
  • Private Stats (Enterprise Only) - Enable Private Stats to prevent users who don't have access to your smartURL from viewing performance statistics.

Want to learn more? We can help!

  • Support Team - Our support team of smartURL experts can provide a detailed walk-through on how to best use our product to suit your needs. Contact us at
  • - Get familiar with smartURL by taking a dive into the blog. A one stop place to learn about new features, get pro tips, and visit frequently asked questions.
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